Beware the underworld - it will make monsters of us all.

A woman tries to save her sister from the pain of a recent divorce but finds herself trapped in a hostile underworld. Based on the Sumerian myth of Inanna and Erishkigal


A draw is better than a loss

Miles and Sarah have the new manager Henry in their romantic sights. Who will become friendliest with him first?

The Albatross

"Ah! Well a day! what evil looks had I from old and young! Instead of the cross, the Albatross, about my neck was hung." The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, (1798) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A World War II soldier holds the promise of a bright future for a Dunedin family, grieving the loss of their son, but dark secrets threaten to unravel the illusion of happiness.

The Bond

A man is what his mother makes him.

The special bond between a mother and her son is stretched to its very limit by paranoia, control, and model airplanes.

A Miner Disaster

What if Snow White worked underground with the miners...

"But now here's a word, an explosion is heard
The miners are trapped far below
If any survived down there alive
I'm certain we never will know"
Miner's Lullaby, lyrics by Utah Phillips

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